After you have developed an InfoPath form, you can deploy it and use it in SharePoint in a Form Library. In SharePoint 2010, Microsoft has introduced a new web part called InfoPath Form Web Part. You can use this web part to show your form anywhere in your SharePoint site. Using this web part is very simple. Following steps show you how you can add this web part to your site and link it with your form. You can download form to be used for this exercise from the following link: (ZIP format) (XSN Template)

You can directly download the XSN but if you have problem, you can download it in zip format. Unzip it and save the XSN on your hard disk and publish it.

If you need help with publishing, check out following article:



Letís begin!

1. Open SharePoint site.
2. Click Site Actions and select View All Site Content.
3. Click Create.
4. Select Page in Filter By and then select Web Part Page in Type and click Create button.
5. Type InfoPathWP in Name and click Create. Keep Site Assets selected in the Document Library drop down.
6. In Header, click Add a Web Part.
7. Select Forms in Categories. Select InfoPath Form Web Part in Web Parts and click Add.
8. Click Click here to open the tool pane.
9. Select the library where the form is published. The Content Type drop down will automatically show the form content type. Leave all other options unchanged and click OK.

Figure 1: Tool pane

10. The page will now show the form in a web part. Fill out the form and click Submit. The data will be submitted, form will be created in the library. Check out the library, you will see new form listed there.